Learning Management System
MVC 5.0,.Net Framework 4.5,Angular JS,HTML 5,WebAPI

Project Scope

The Website lets you create a repository of online materials, courses, course lectures, and faculty presentations that will help you and your teams reach their goals. You can offer these courses for free or even charge a fee. LearnGrid is ecommerce ready and allows for payment transactions. LearnGrid offers an opportunity to get a world-class education by offering online courses, materials, tools and technology. Whether your audiences are looking to advance their career, or simply take classes that interest them, Learn Grid provides all the necessary courses. It also connects you with experts and universities. You can take any of these courses at your home, at your convenience and at your own pace!


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Technical Requirements

Front End Used: MVC 5.0,.Net Framework 4.5,Angular JS,HTML 5,WebAPI
Back End Used: SQL Server 2008 R2.


Project Description:

LMS is designed to quick start your organization's e-learning initiative by ensuring a quick return-on-investment. Whether you are a small organization, a mid-sized organization, a University or a government organization, LearnGrid's LMS provides you with all LMS functionalities for free. Whether it is online training or classroom-based instruction, LearnGrid's LMS provides capability to track and monitor employee courseware, attendance, completion data and much more. Its Knowledge Management System provides a flexible and cost effective alternative to other proprietary applications. LearnGrid helps acquire, represent the tacit knowledge in the organization, organize it, make it available to the organization and access it globally, if required. This e-learning site consist five level of users to control the system. SCORM integration is the main features of the WebSite.


In this module it shows reports for assessment analysis,student score report and student course completion status.

Screen Shots:

Courses List
Add Course

Question Preview

Assessment List