Tracking System

Project Scope

We are golf retailer that deals with used golf clubs. Before selling these we refurbish many of them to make look nicer. We want to be able to track refurbishment activity that the workers are performing.

Technical Requirements

Front End Used: ASP.NET 2.0
Back End Used: Microsoft SQLServer (2000).

Project Description:

This page should simply require the user to enter a user name and password in order to use the Golf retaling. There will be special admin screens that will enable administrators to create new users. This page contains the details of the link User, Activity, Product and Requester. In this page the user can create or update personal profile information. In this system activity link should be enter the active users. Then user link should be added the new user and details. In the product link enter the product name and description also added. The requester page the employee of details should be added. Only admin have a right to add/edit/delete a User, Activity, Product and Requester.

Security Requirement

There are two types of users to use the system. One is admin and another one is employee.

Tracking System Screen Shots

Admin Screen
Main Entry Screen