Task Schedule
VB.net MS-Access

Project Scope

In this system create a single asp.net page from which users can select a job. For the jobs you can create a table to represent our jobs table. We can make the link to our real table later on. User should be able to schedule a job to run:

The programmer should think about all the combinations of scheduling that users may request.

Windows Service

In this system create windows service that will look into all the jobs into the job table and determine if the job shall be run based on information added to the database concerning the conditions. For the programmer this means just return true or false. This is part of an ongoing project but we believe that you should be able to conceive this module and make it integrate any application easily. So the deliverable should all be source code.
The underlying database objects should be given in an sql file format for executing it on sql 2005.

Technical Requirements

Front End Used: ASP.NET 2.0
Service Used: VB.NET
Back End Used: MS-Access (2000).

Project Description:

This project is innovated to schedule the task for various jobs. The Task can be assigned based on Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Task Scheduler is divided into three sections; they are top, middle, and bottom. The various scheduled task is displayed on top section of screen, user can view or modify changes if needed. The middle section helps the users to schedule the event in terms of days, weeks and months. To schedule an event, user needs to select the event from top section, and select any of the three available Options such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly. If the user wants to schedule the event on daily basis click the ‘Daily’ option. The selected Event will be scheduled once between the Specified days. The time of scheduling can be mentioned using the third section. ‘Weekly’ Option helps the user to schedule the Event on any particular day between the Specified Weeks. If the user forgets to specify the day, then it will arise a warning message to select the day. Monthly Option allows the scheduling of Event in terms of months. In monthly option the selected Event will be scheduled at the specified day between the Specified number of months.

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