VB.net Microsoft Sql server 2005


Project Scope

A simple contact us portion of an Company Directory (S5 Website) in which the customer can drill down the map or drop down list box to search the office and get the contact details of their favorable ports is needed.

Data Entry

For each port in the Port Directory, the port details and the corresponding staffs working under this port are added.

Reports in Excel and PDF Format

Weather Control

Weather control displaying the weather of selected S5 region is needed.


A contact detail of each employee in the port directory is needed in V-Card Format.

Technical Requirements

Front End Used: ASP.NET 2.0
Back End Used: Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Project Description:

Provided solution was a S5 Web Contact System. The Contact System mainly depends on location of S5 Region and so application demanded Port Directory Management. Given requirement was carried out by providing functionality to create ports. Each port has its own staffs. The system has multiple ports and so the application needed data entry operators to input the contact details of each port and staffs were added to each port. Only admin user had rights to add/edit/delete ports or to add/edit/delete staffs working under each port.

Reports in Excel and PDF

Reporting Functionality is another major requirement from the application. Following reports are designed as required,

Weather Control

Displaying weather based on the user selection of S5 port region is another major requirement from the application. The weather control is created to display current weather condition of the selected port.


As a business card in our daily activities, V-card is designed to view the contact details of each employee in the selected port.

Security Requirement

The two user roles of the Application are admin and user. User has limited access only to view the contact details of each port. Admin has full access to add/edit/delete the contact details.