Asp.Net 1.1 SQL Server 2000

Project Scope

We are looking to change the navigation of the site. Currently the navigation is in three sections. We wish to merge these into two.
Any changes to the navigation on the homepage will need to be in affect on the back end (when someone is using contribute they select which section the page should come under.) When you go through to a section, only the inside pages should appear on the navigation. For example College Farms - click this and it currently has all of the homepage navigation, it should just have College Farms, and a back to home link at the bottom of the navigation.

New Functionality

The login screen of this system (Within admin we need to be able to setup username and passwords, with the ability to change these). This needs to be strong restriction. They used to have this on their intranet, but this got hacked into. Upload. (Within admin we need to be able to upload documents - .doc and .pdf mostly - which will appear on a page for the specific users to download. Obviously need functionality to replace/delete these.) Stats. (Within admin we need to be able to record how many times a user has downloaded/viewed a document.)

Technical Requirements

Front End Used: ASP.NET 1.1
Back End Used: Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Project Description:

Part 1 - In this site, there are three sections are available. We combine these three into one usercontrol. We have created two new pages, which will be accessed by authorized users. In one page, the authorized user can upload documents. In another page, the uploaded documents can be available for download. With this, we alter the menu functionality.
Part 2 - We added heading for uploaded documents. In this, group of documents can be saved under one heading. The user selects heading to download the file.

Plumton System Screenshots

Admin Screen
Department Management Screen