Piggy Bank
Microsoft Sql server 2005

Project Scope

The objective of this application is to maintain the Song, Publishing and Synch Licensing info.

Technical Requirements

Front End : C#.Net 2.0
Back End : Sql server 2005

Project Description:

It maintains the composer, artist details of the song and the company details for which the songs are pitched. It calculates the royalty calculations and maintains the placement info for the quoted songs. Reports are generated and can be exported in various formats such as Address Labels, Excel Sheet, CSV file and Pivot Table in Excel environment.

Additional Features:

In order to enhance the user-friendly, the application is provided with “Import” feature for bulk import of Songs and Contact info “Easy Search” feature for all the screens “Backup” feature to take the transaction Database backup “Advanced Filter” feature in reports for viewing refined records easily “Pivot Table Export” feature for Pitch and Placement details of the song.