SQL Server 2000 ASP.Net 1.0

Project Scope

This Inventory system is needed for internal data entry/Inventory system.

Data Entry

At the end of the day, our employee will log in, selecting the practice, location, and date they are entering data for. Then they will select the physician, the drug, the quantity, and enter the patient’s name.


Report for a selected period & practice showing quantity of drugs given out totaled by day, by location. The day should also show the employee. Report for a selected period & practice showing quantity of drugs given out totaled by physician, by location.
Report for a selected period & practice showing names drugs given out totaled by physician. Report for a practice and a date, showing inventory by location.

Technical Requirements

Front End Used: ASP.NET 1.0
Back End Used: Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Project Description:

Provided solution was a Hospital Inventory Management System.Inventory Depends on Location and Location depends on Medical Practice.So application demanded multi location inventory management.Given requirement was carried out by providing functionality to create Locations under Medical practice, each location has its own inventory.Location also has multiple Physicians issue the prescription for patients and those are update to the application through Data Entry users.Items inward/outward considers the location so the item levels are managed exactly.Inventory also has the par level or reorder level.


Reporting Functionality is another major requirement from the application. There were multiple reporting options; Application tracks each and every item by Location and Physician. Only Admin user has rights to add/edit/delete a Medical Practice, Locations, Physicians and Data entry users.
Following reports are designed as required,

Security Requirement

The two user roles of the Application are admin and employee. Employee has restricted access with only rights to add/update transaction. Admin has open access to the entire application.

Inventory Screen Shots

Admin Screen
Report Screen