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This documentation covers the entire requirements for the CRM database and briefly explains what we understand in initial case study.

Project Scope

The major scope of this project is to create web based CRM database.

Product Perspective

This is independent new application; it will not have any link with any other new or existing application.

Product Features

Operating Environment

Operating System: Microsoft XP and Vista
Browser: IE6 and above.

Technology Used:

Front End: ASP.NET 2.0
Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Express Edition

System Features


This is the default page in this application. All Users like admin, customers and RFP will need to login by this user credential. The password will be encrypted in all the transactions. Here we will give you the provision for forget password.

Admin Dashboard

User Management

This page will be available only for administrators. Administrator can have the option to Create, Edit and Delete the user details (Customer service user and the RFP User ).

Company Management

This page will be available only for Admin. Administrator can have the option to Create, Edit and Delete the Company details.

Customer Service Dashboard

Add Perspective Customer

Customer service user will access to this page. Customer service person will receive a call from the customer and key in the details in this page. Screen design will be as per your document. The default status for the new request will be ?waiting for proposal?.

Waiting to be assigned

All the customers? record with the status ?waiting to be assigned? will be listed in this view.

View Perspective Customer

All the customers will be viewed in detail in this page. Customer service person also edit the customer and add the history in this page.

View Current Customer

All the customers who have the status ?Current Customers? will be listed in this page. Edit customer and add history also available in this page also.

RFP Dashboard

This dashboard can access by RFP account users. Once the request comes from the customer , customer service person will redirect the request for pricing . After the pricing is updated from the RFP person it will changed the status from ?waiting for proposal? to some other status and proceed further.

Interface Requirements

User Interfaces


Hardware Interfaces

No interactions between the software and the hardware.

Other Nonfunctional Requirements

Security Requirement

Multiple levels of user security should be implemented.