Break Management System
Microsoft Sql server 2005

Project Scope

The scope of the project is to maintain the break of their employees in a BPO.

Technical Requirements

Front End Used: ASP.Net 2.0
Back End Used: SQL Server 2005

Project Description:

This Project is designed for BPO in order to maintain the break of their employees. The admin need to have a fix number of agents on a break. The software has been designed in such a way that when a agent clicks on "take a break" tab, and if there are already 6 agents on a break, then it show that request is denied. If there are less than 6 it should allow them for a break. The software calculates the total time that any agent takes a break for. It should also sum up the time for all the breaks taken by an agent. So if the agent takes 4 breaks, it should give the time for each break as well as the total time in an excel sheet. So the software should keep on updating the time in the excel sheet.

BMS Screen Shoots

Callers on break Screen
Break Details Screen