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APPMATE – a friendly ERP Solution for apparel industry.The application can be connected using LAN, WAN and Internet for distributed units. All applications are used in remote units also, as the client’s Head Office, Production houses and Warehouses are geographically placed at different locations. Our applications are customizable to meet any kind of connectivity solutions.

AppMate is designed to match today's dynamic apparel scenario reducing the time and cost involved, also helps workflow efficiency improvement by Comprehensive and structured reporting across major apparel process and procedures.

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Key Features Of Appmate

  • Installation and maintenance over a huge network of users is much easier with minimal cost as designed to run in browsers
  • Highly secured. Appmate’s Security engine installed only on administrator’s terminal
  • APPMATE is very carefully designed to balance the performance and disk storage.
  • APPMATE is developed using industry’s latest technologies with skilled professionals to achieve the better balance of appearance and ease in working. It gives assurance of durability over multiple years with balance the performance and disk storage.
  • APPMATE can be implemented in distributed environments. It is capable of running in multiple servers (n-tier architecture) to meet geographical distribution of units.
  • APPMATE supports multi location inventory and multi location production and process houses.
  • All the contract documents are provided with revision options. It effectively handles the stock on transit situations also.
  • A powerful system audit feature is provided to monitor the changes.


It is a simple and powerful flow management system that handles all the follow-up activities of the merchandisers. Within very few mouse clicks the everyday jobs of merchandiser are done. The data entry form itself acts as a simple report for each status of an activity. The native data entry form works as a reminder for the merchandiser for their pending activities. Pleasantly the merchandiser can work more.

Export Orders

This module works as a source as well as destination for rest of the modules. Export Order is the primary document and naturally it holds more information about an order. Keeping this in mind it is developed very user friendly to make the user comfortable. Export documentation is also a part of this module. These documents pull most of the information from the Export Order that reduces data key-in.

Inventory Management

BOM (Bill of Material planning) defines the material requirements for each style. Based on that a raw material consolidation for each order is generated by the system that must be approved by relevant management personal. Prior to that buyer approval is required for all materials to be ordered. It is the control document to the inventory Purchase Orders and Work Orders. The management personal must authorize all the POs and WOs. Excise formalities for the 100% EOUs also provided. This module effectively eliminates the excess purchase/Shortages in the inventory and the management will have a perfect control over the inventory.

Time and Action Plan

This helps to plan a style execution in macro level also it plays a very important roll in AppMate. User can customize activity schedule timings for different activities for each buyer. Based on that each Style can be scheduled in minutes with very few mouse clicks away. Based on the schedules each responsible merchandiser are reminded with reminder mails every day for the activities falls on that day as per the configurations. If a merchandiser fails to complete and activity on schedule then the superior is getting notified with a mail holds a list of failed activities. It also generates a weekly calendar of activities for each merchandiser.

Production Plan

This module can be called as Micro plan. All the in-house as well as outsourced activities are defined with accuracy to the level of each hour. It is the heart of AppMate. A style’s production plan can be designed for each hour.

It provides graphical representation of line capacity and availability in each unit. Machinery availability is also taken into consideration. While planning each employee for a production activity it provides analytical data about employee with their previous history, So that the decision-making becomes muchsimpler and accurate. Based on these kinds of support the execution time plan will be very much accurate

Production Monitor

This module can be defined as an extension and source of analytical data to the Production planning module. State of art methods used for large volume data collection. It gives on-line production information to the production managers to take on-time decisions. It gives an excellent control in production line. Based on the information availability it is possible to compare the production planning with the actual.


It gives the resultant cost incurred for each style. It includes material cost, Manpower cost and the administrative overheads that can be compared with the selling price.


To simply say it is a mini HR module. This module not only covers the pay aspects. It can be integrated to a wide range of time punching devices. All the pay calculations as well as policy related things could be customized according to the client needs. Multiple shift options and shift rotations are also possible with this module. The client can define leave definitions and leave carry over policies. All the statutory reports are provided to make the job easier for the HR department.

Financial Accounts

Whatever the financial data available with the entire APPMATE is integrated with this module.It gives excellent control with thebudgeting and cost management. Periodical reports for all financial documents are provided. Other than the usual things with financial accounting, it has unique features of authorizations. It can be defined in multiple levels.

Perfect Soft

As the name denotes, its a perfectly made software for Textile Industry. Running successfully in the companies for past 4 years, its up to date in process and standards followed in industry.

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  • Developed in latest Technology (VB .net, C#, XML and SQL2000).
  • Database can be centralized across different units.
  • Developed in .net architecture (Two-tier model). So the Client and Server will share the workload.
  • SQL 2000 will handle Terabytes of Data.
  • This application can be integrated through varieties of network types (Point-To-Point) available today (Wireless, VPN and Leased line).
  • The application will deliver a very good performance even with large volume of data.


  • Separate State of art security engine is provided to ensure highest level of security.
  • Menu can be customized even for each user.
  • Users can be controlled up to function level.
  • System audit is provided to watch the modifications of documents in the background.
  • The database itself will provide a very good security.

Application Benefits

  • This application will bring all the remote units under one roof virtually.
  • Highly flexible and scalable Application to suit your needs.
  • It’s an integrated application that covers right from Receiving Export Order till shipment.
  • Most of the modules developed to support In-house Production as well as Out sourcing.
  • Navigation between documents is much easier using Drilldown functionality.
  • State of Art Filtering and Selection options provided for ease in data entry.
  • On screen Document printing options are provided for necessary documents.
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Productivity is increased with the same set of employees or even manpower can be reduced
  • As on date information about your industry at any time.
  • With powerful reporting on inventory side you can reduce inventory and increase turnover.
  • Efficiency monitoring of employees and machineries are possible on your desktop
  • Reports can also be exported to different formats like Word, Excel, and HTML etc.
  • Both Inventory and Financial Accounts are dynamically updated.
  • Select list itself is provided with stock availability in inventories and balances in Financial Accounting.
  • Three Level Grouping provided for Account Head Creation, Amendments in Export Contract Schedules are possible.
  • Drill down Provision supports easy navigation between documents.
  • Selection method in all screens is provided with Sorting and Short-Listing.

Simply Fit

Dedicated Product for Export oriented Buying houses. Matches Well for those who execute garment export orders through outsourcing works.

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Activites Of A Garment Industry At A Glance

  • Initially sample garment is prepared as per buyer’s specification
  • Costing is being worked out for a particular sample
  • Order confirmation via Mail/Fax
  • Raw material requirement is consolidated
  • Purchase orders are raised for necessary items.
  • Inventory management and production management are properly done
  • Orders are being executed and shipped promptly

Since the garment industry involves complex activities – right from the beginning – sampling, export order Receivables, purchase order placing, inventory management, Shipment – all the activities have to be automated, monitored, updated for smooth sailing of the industry .

Salient Features

  • Sampling and Export Order automation helps in giving on – line information to the buyers and vendors
  • Purchase order placing and Inventory
  • management are done properly so that the management is very well informed about the vendor delivery and vendor quality and to keep track of the pending bills.
  • Machinery efficiency is increased
  • By reporting the total requirement, purchase cost, consumption cost and the raw materials remaining of a particular Style, users in Purchase Department will know whether they have placed quantities in Excess or not
  • By comparing the requirement Vs consumption can easily identify efficiency of labor and machinery.
  • Wastage of the Raw Material can be known from the balance raw materials.
  • By reporting the Additional Production can be made from remaining Raw materials of a style, management can know how many extra pieces other than order quantity can be made and reporting the same to the buyer will help them in getting additional Orders.
  • All the report data can be exported to any file format like word, excel Etc., and the same can be e-mailed to any destinations. This helps in exporting the status of execution or queries to the buyers within no time.
  • Labor cost is reduced to the maximum.
  • The management is able to know the total cost for a particular Style and profit made out of it. – " Total Consumption and Cost Report" –
  • Raw Material Requirement Consolidation Report
  • All the activities are updated to our Web-Server so that the management is being updated about the organization activities instantaneously. Report

Unique Features

  • Easy to use web browser interface
  • User defined alerts
  • Monitor raw materials Procurement / distribution/utilization
  • Keep track of cost and control initiatives

In today’s challenging global market conditions, the most important is the availability of quality technical manpower, reduced development cost – is our goal.

We at the Temple City Technologies add the virtual element to our services, by making the entire software development process absolutely transparent to the customer. Our wide range of services offered includes project management software design development, maintenance quality assurance, documentation and support.

TCT has a highly motivated and skilled team professionals who can readily be deployed at the client location.

Temple City Technologies offers state of the art of total solution, which is customized, and perfect that caters your requirements.

Our first priority is customer care and this is one the reasons for our long relationships with our clients. Our “Perfect Fit” software solution is highly reliable, flexible and expandable.

Our technical support team has significant experience in implementing integrated solution in a variety of business environment.

  • Data is fully secured which cannot be seen over or hacked
  • Detailed quality control – automatic debits for rejection, shortage, seconds and excess billing.
  • Automatic packing list generation.
  • Financial accounts linked to inventory, exports and payroll.
  • Purchase Linked to costing and budgeting
  • Multilevel grouping provided for account head creation.
  • All Statutory documents are printed at necessary screens.
  • Amendments in export order schedules are possible.
  • All screens are provided with querying option to filter record and printing option.
  • Reports are emailed right through the desktop.
  • Modular integration from order booking till shipment
  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • Across company reports (Expenses, income, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet)
  • Purchase follow-up
  • Productivity is increased
  • Any types of MIS Reports on the desktop
  • Drilldown reports avoid the dependency on your employees.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Synchronize data across remote sites.
  • Implementing "Perfect Fit" would bring the organization very close to ISO Standard.

Screen Shots

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